Are Models Becoming Extinct?

March 9, 2018

By admin, creative at D'Marie


There’s no doubt that we’re in the age of the digital influencer including the notorious “instagram model”. Instagram is teeming with models with large followings ranging from from self-proclaimed models to amateur models to professionals, but there’s a new type of model that’s just hitting the scene and making lots of noise.

Meet Shudu, the first digital supermodel.

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This digital model has turned heads for many reasons lately. First of all, she’s drop-dead gorgeous. If you scroll through some of the comments on her posts, you’ll see comments from people telling her how beautiful they find her, that they want more photos of her, and similar comments. They don’t realize that she isn’t technically “real” which is a good sign that she was made very well.

She was actually created by a 28-year-old British photographer, Cameron-James Wilson, who taught himself how to do 3D modeling with just the internet and YouTube. This goes to show that Wilson is extremely talented, and that you can learn anything from YouTube.

What’s really impressive is Shudu’s post value which has been calculated to be $2,392.53 as of 3/9/18 by D’Marie. She currently has 16 posts up total, and she’s already more valuable to advertisers than the average real-life influencer.

However, Shudu isn’t the only virtual Instagram influencer who has been turning heads lately.

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Miquela is a virtual fashion influencer who has managed to amass nearly 700,000 followers on instagram. She’s designed to be a 19-year-old half Brazilian, half Spanish girl living in LA. She posts from all around the world, has a semi-viral single on Spotify called “Not Mine”, and and has even done interviews- all without being real.

According to D’Marie‘s analytics, Miquela’s Instagram posts are worth a whopping $9,855.72 to advertisers as of 3/9/18. Lets just let that sink in.

If you look through either of these virtual influencers’ pages, you’ll be able to tell that they’re computer-generated, but this is really the first instance of virtual influencers that we’re seeing. Imagine how far this technology can go in 10 years. This brings up the question of whether models or influencers will become extinct at some point.

It could potentially be much cheaper to use a virtual person for modeling jobs and print campaigns, so what’s stopping these virtual creations from taking over the industry?