Which Sponsor
are you?


We're thrilled to highlight influencers who have started their own companies or line of products at iCON. Influencers looking for their own branded footprint to host a meet and greet and sell their products can become an independent sponsor of their own installation. With over 10,000 attendees this is an opportunity to make a real splash in front of fans and business executives looking for the next big brand.


Brand or Organization

iCON offers a variety of tiered sponsorship opportunities for brands across multiple industries. We're inviting our participating companies to partner with attending influencers to host their meet and greets in creative branded installations or sponsor a main stage conversation. We also have title and diamond sponsorship options for brands looking to utilize the most impactful opportunities at iCON among attending thought leaders, influencers and fans.


Media Outlet

We're thrilled about the opportunity to offer partnership opportunities to a variety of media outlets who have interest in generating content live at iCON. With an estimated 400 influencers and 700 thought-leaders in attendance, there will be plenty of content creation opportunities from LIVE streaming our main stage conversations to conducting one-on-one interviews with attending talent.